Our menu ranges from from authentic Filipino dishes featuring beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, noodles, rice and desserts. Try our signature dish, Paella Valenciana, a classic recipe made with Spanish saffron rice cooked to order with chorizo, mussels, scallops, shrimp and chicken. 

Pork - Serdo

Sizzling Longaniza Sisig 16.95
"naked" minced hamonodo longaniza with onions and jalapeno peppers topped with fried egg

Pork Inihaw 14.50
grilled marinated pork strips (new recipe)


Crispy Dinuguan 15.95
pork blood stew topped with crispy pork lechon

Crispy Kare Kare 20.95
fried pork shank (crispy pata) with peanut sauce vegetables and shrimp paste


Beef - Carne

Crispy Beef Tadyang 17.95
twice cooked beef shortribs marinated in special sauce


Patio Pochero 20.95
beef shanks, chorizo, banana plantains, white beans and green leafy vegetables


Noodles - Fideos

Pancit Malabon 15.50
stir-fried noodle dish with seafood made famous by the city of malabon

Our Classic Paella Valenciana

The Classic Spanish Arborio rice dish infused with saffron treads and cooked to order with chorizo de bilbao, mussels, scallop, shrimp and chicken.

Serves 4-6 persons 27.95


Seafood - Mariscos

Pampano Dinadyang 18.25
poached whole pampano with onions, garlic and ginger simmered in roma tomatoes


Whole Grilled Pampano 18.25
grilled whole pampano served with a side of salted egg and tomato ensalada


Patio's Salt and Pepper Shrimp 15.25
lightly battered shrimp with salt and pepper fried to perfection


Bangus Belly Bistek 17.95
marinated milkfish in soy sauce and calamansi sautéed with onions


Crispy Tinapa 17.95
smoked milkfish, deep fried with salted egg and tomatoes


Basa Fillet ala Pobre 15.95
pan fried white fish marinated in lemongrass, lemon butter and topped with crispy garlic


Vegetables - Verduras

Hinamurang Talong 13.50
"naked" eggplant with mango, tomato and salted egg ensalaada

Free Online Ordering. 
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Free Online Ordering. 
Just click, relax and enjoy!

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