As early as the late 80's, three golfing buddies became interested in combining their various talents and expertise through the creation of a brand new restaurant.


After numerous trials and tribulations their inspiration came when they visited Manila in March 2005 and experienced true five star cuisine by the finest chefs in the Philippines. They invited another partner and soon thereafter, Patio Filipino Restaurant came to fruition.

Filipino cuisine takes much of its influence through Spain and the partners wanted to celebrate the flavors of both cultures. What better way to share the fusion of Filipino-Spanish fine dining which has long been absent in the States than through a restaurant we can be proud of. 

The perfect representation of such a place was found in El Camino in San Bruno which had a beautiful patio reminiscent of many childhood homes in the Philippines. The partners were blessed with the experience of a seasoned Spanish-Filipina chef from Manila and on June 2005 Patio Filipino was born. 

Patio Filipino aims to bring families and friends together through its inviting atmosphere, courteous staff and of course delicious, sumptuous and unforgettable dishes. Come and experience the splendor of authentic Filipino Spanish cuisine.

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